Hands on: OnPar GPS Touchscreen Rangefinder

A big trend at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show had to be the number of companies offering a GPS for golf. One company in particular, OnPar stood apart from the others because it was the first touchscreen GPS, similar to that found on an iPhone. I had to go checkout what was being dubbed as the iPhone of Golf GPS, with its easy intuitive touchscreen.  

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The OnPar has your standard GPS Rangefinder features, like distance to the targets, hole overview, etc. But none of them offer you the ability touch anywhere on the screen get your layup distance from anywhere on the course, zoom in on the target, track your location, distance, club used and stroke, and give you personalized club suggestions based on your average distances.  

A feature that isn’t talked to much about, is the Statistics Screen and Golf Bag Screen. These two features are in my opinion the coolest and biggest differentiators.  The Statistics screen can keep track of up to 18 rounds of golf, it can track how well you play each hole at that course, and it can give you a cumulative average over 18 rounds. The Golf Bag screen allows you to pick and choose the clubs in your bag, with a simple touch of the screen. What cool about this is that when you use your 5 Wood on your home course it will track how far you hit that club on a particular hole in the Statistics screen, but it will recommend your next club you should hit based on the data it collects as you play each round of golf.  So if your on the 9th Hole and you have 160 yards to the green, OnPar will recommend the club in your bag that will get you on the green based on the statistics it has tracked. It’s like having a caddy play with you all the time and get the advice the pros get on Tour.

To load up your courses there is no software to download just connect the OnPar GPS to your computer with the supplied USB cable and sync the unit. And there are no membership fees or course map fees. Also included is a protective sleeve for the OnPar GPS.

I can’t wait for the weather to warm up in Chicago, IL so I can test out the OnPar GPS. 

The OnPar GPS retails for $ 479 http://www.onpargps.com/index.php

Author: Rob Hayashida

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