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This Spring a new company called GolfSigma LLC launched their website, which is a tee-time search engine that aggregates tee-times from major sites (GolfNow, EZLinks, Click4TeeTimes, ActiveGolf, Last Minute Golfer,AZCentral,etc). So instead of having to flip back and forth between the popular tee-time websites, you can now search from one central location on the website and find the best tee-time. 

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GolfSigma aggregates tee times from the leading sites by utilizing cutting edge internet technology to “crawl” the web providing a massive tee time database which can then be searched, filtered and sorted to provide the most comprehensive view of available inventory. Because of the large inventory, the site caters not only to the local golfer that books one or two days ahead, but also to the destination golfer that typically needs to book several weeks in advance. 

To use GolfSigma, just simply go to their website and search for tee-times based on number of players, time of day, and price. A nice little feature about GolfSigma’s interface is the 3-day weather forecast that’s displayed, that allows you to do a quick tee-time search. On the search results screen, a user can easily narrow the results by course, time, price and zip code to quickly identify their best option. Once the user selects their tee time, they are redirected to the corresponding provider site to complete the transaction. No sign up is required and there are no fees for using the service. It’s that easy to use! 

I would use a service like GolfSigma, if the courses I play in Chicago had tee-times listed in their database. That would be the only limitation of using, is that it’s limited to the tee-times that it’s channel partners have access to. If the golf courses you play, don’t list their tee-times with one of the tee-time partners, then they won’t show up in GolfSigma’s results. This is a new service, so as more providers are added, hopefully the course selection will improve too. Overall, I think that GolfSigma is an easy way to find the best tee-times without having to visit a bunch of different websites.

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Author: Rob Hayashida

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