Ruletwentyone Golf Towel Review

A problem I often face when playing in wet or soft conditions is the golf ball can become caked with debris and dirt quite quickly. One area where this can be detriment to your golf score is on putting green. If you want to clean you golf ball before hitting your putt, it usually involves either running to the golf cart to wipe the ball or bringing the golf towel with you to the green. Not very convenient if you ask me. 

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The solution to this problem can be found in a new product introduced at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, called ruletwentyone.

Look and Feel
The ruletwentyone back pocket towel has an absorbent bamboo terry cloth layer with a waterproof shell similar to what ski and snowboard jackets are made from, that folds conveniently into your back pocket. It kind of reminded me of the back of neck tie when it hangs from your back pocket. 

The towel which is Made in the USA, offers 9″ inches of exposed Bamboo as a printable surface, ideal for custom printing for brand marketing or as a giveaway.  Another benefit of using Bamboo is that its eco-friendly. Bamboo is sustainable material that is anti-microbial, so it wont get mildewy, and the fibers become more absorbent over the time and frequent use.

The exterior shell which is made from a very soft waterproof material, also features a plastic grip at the top of the towel. The purpose of the grip is for you to snap the towel when your done wiping your golf ball and return the towel to its original shape. Quite a clever little feature.

How does the ruletwentyone golf towel work? To use the towel, all you do is wet the super absorbent bamboo terry cloth interior and ring out any excess moisture, and place the towel in your back pocket. That’s all you have to do to begin using the ruletwentyone towel.

When I initially used the towel, the water seemed to bead quite a bit, but it eventually began to absorb water. And the other side of the towel stayed completely dry after I soaked and wrung the towel. 

During my round, I found the ruletwentyone towel to live up to its billing and did a nice job of remaining moist, removing dirt from my golf ball, and keeping my back pocket dry. What I also liked about the ruletwentyone towel is how convenient and easy to use it is. I no longer had to run back to the cart to fetch a towel to clean my golf ball before I putt or use the ball washer before teeing off. 

If your looking for a convenient way to clean your golf ball, want to help the environment, and stimulate the economy, then check out the ruletwentyone.

The ruletwentyone golf towel by rulegolf retails for $19.95

Author: Rob Hayashida

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