Miura Series 1957 KM-005 Classic Putter Review

How many putters do you own? I have quite a few, and on more than one occasion I’ve swapped them out because one was not performing as well as I liked. Golf is a sport where feel is a major part of this frustrating and addictive game. And no where is feel more important than with your putter.

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Miura Golf which is known for its high quality forged irons with superior craftsmanship, introduced two new putters to the Series 1957 special limited edition 2009 product line. 1957 represents the year in which Mr. Miura began his career in the golf business and his pursuit of the perfect set of irons. I was lucky of enough to get one of the Series 1957 KM-005 Classic design putters to review and the results were quite surprising.

Look and Feel

The Miura craftsmanship is evident in the toe-weighted offset classic putter made from mild steel, which features a classic oiled-chrome finish that complements putter’s soft visual features. The subtle aim line and Miura logo in the cavity of the putter give the Series 1957 putter a very refined and unassuming look that just screams classic design. My Miura Series 1957 KM-005 Classic putter came equipped with the Nippon N.S. PRO steel shaft and Lamkin putter grip, other shafts from Ture Temper and UST are also available.

When you first pick up the Series 1957 Classic putter, you can really feel the weight of the 350gram putter head. It feels very substantial in your hands and I was little surprised for how heavy it actually felt, considering it had no weights attached. I actually liked the fact it felt heavy, because one of the main reasons I don’t use a blade putter, is they can feel too light and subject to twisting on miss hits.

This is a great looking putter that represents the best in classic design, which isn’t easy to achieve in today’s era of putter design.


The Miura Series 1957 KM-005 Classic putter goes through the same forging process that Miura uses on his forged iron heads, which creates an ultra smooth surface with very tight dimensional tolerances. And this results in a putter with unmatched feel and precision which is so critical in putting.

I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t like using a mild steel blade putter, since it didn’t have an elastomer insert that I’ve become accustomed to in mallet and modern putters. Was I ever wrong! What I discovered is that the milled face of the Miura Series 1957 KM-005 putter is extremely forgiving and provided amazing feel and distance control, like a putter with a elastomer insert.  I found the amount of feel and feedback that the Series 1957 provided on long and short putts to be exceptional.

Another benefit of the milled face is how it produced a truer roll of the golf ball because of reduced skid at impact, which meant more putts that stayed on line.

In terms of forgiveness the 350gram Miura Series 1957 KM-005 Classic putter head weight really helped with preventing the head from twisting too much on miss hits. A lot more than I expected it to, so I was pleasantly surprised. The price for the Miura Series 1957 putters is on the high end at $390, which is on the high end for a blade putter. While the price might put this putter out of reach for some golfers, it’s definitely worth the investment if you can purchase one these limited edition putters. You will not be disappointed by the quality craftsmanship and performance.

Overall, I was quite amazed at how Miura’s Series 1957 putters confirm that it is possible to match looks with performance. If your seeking the very best in classic putter design with unmatched feel and superior craftsmanship, you’ll want to get the Miura Golf Series 1957 limited special edition KM-005 Classic putter.

Miura Series 1957 KM-005 Classic Putter retails for $390

Author: Rob Hayashida

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