SKLZ Putting Gate Review

One of the reasons for having so many two and three putts is not having the putter face square at impact, especially for putts under 10 feet. How can you practice squaring the putter face at impact both indoor and outdoors and get immediate feedback? That’s what the new SKLZ Putting Gate attempts to solve with its portable putting training aid.

SKLZ Putting Gate

SKLZ Putting Gate

What is the SKLZ Putting Gate?
The SKLZ Putting Gate consists of several items: two wood blocks that are sloped that serve as your gate that have velcro on the bottom to attach to a rubber mat. The rubber mat has a white alignment stripe that you use to square with your putter’s corresponding alignment stripe and to square the Deuce 2-Ball Training Aid alignment guide.

The Deuce 2-Ball Training Aid resembles a small dumbbell with two golf balls that are attached to a plastic dowel that you use with the Putting Gate to get instant feedback.

How Does the SKLZ Putting Gate Work
The Putting Gate is quite simple to use, all you do is set the with of the gates to the desired width of your putter and adjust how wide or narrow you want the gate to be. Once the gate width is set, you place the 2-Ball Training Aid to lineup with the mats white alignment stripe. Sole your putter head behind the 2-Ball Training Aid making sure that the putter’s alignment guide is square with the 2-Ball and the putting mat.

Now all you have to is make a normal putting stroke and get instant feedback. Pretty simple. If you hit the 2-Ball with the toe of your putter the 2-Ball will veer left, if you hit the 2-Ball with the heel, the 2-Ball will veer right, and if your stroke is square, the 2-ball will go straight. Talk about instant feedback.

In my tests, I was able to see instantly how well I hit my putts using the SKLZ Putting Gate and 2-Ball Training Aid. I have a tendency to hit the ball with the toe of my putter more often and the 2-Ball would push to the left. I knew exactly what I needed to work on. I also used the Putting Gate without the 2-Ball Training Aid and practiced making practice strokes through the gates without hitting the sides of the gate. To make it more challenging I would narrow the width of the gate. This helps with keeping the putter square. Now if you don’t want to use the 2-Ball Training Aid, you can substitute a golf ball instead, and take the Putting Gate to an outdoor practice green. Overall the SKLZ Putting Gate works well.

You might be thinking, couldn’t I just place two tees in the ground and make my own putting gate? Yes, you could, but you wouldn’t be able to do that indoors and you wouldn’t be able to use the alignment guide of the Putting Gate.

Can The SKLZ Putting Gate Improve Your Putting?
I think that a training aid like the SKLZ Putting Gate can definitely help any golfer become more aware of out what problem they may have with their putting stroke by using this training aid. Will it solve the reason why you constantly close the putter face or hit the ball more often with the heel of the putter? No, only PGA instructor can help you with finding the cause and correct your putting stroke.

I do think that SKLZ Putting Gate is a good training aid that can be used booth indoors and outdoors to help you groove your putting stroke.

SKLZ Putting Gate $24.99

Author: Rob Hayashida

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