Heavy Putter Mid-Weight J2-MW Review

The key to putting consistently is not just practice, but using more of your shoulders and core muscles, instead of your hands and wrists. That’s what Heavy Putter set out to do when it launched its line of Heavy Putters at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show, with a weighted shaft and higher center of gravity that made golfers use their core muscles and shoulders for a more consistent putting stroke. The only problem is that switching from a traditional putter to a Heavy Putter can be too big of change, because of the weight and non-traditional looks.

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That’s why Heavy Putter introduced their Mid-Weight series of putters, to appeal to golfers who want a more traditional looking putter and not nearly as heavy at a total putter weight of 750 grams.

Look and Feel
The classic deep flange blade design of the Heavy Putter J2-MW has a nice traditional light gray Satin finish, which doesn’t reflect the sun and sets up nicely at address. The 400 gram head is made from a cast 304 Stainless Steel, with a CNC milled face, and has a CNC grooves on the rear of the putter with its prominent alignment stripe. The J2 is a face balanced blade with a plumber’s neck hosel and has a full shaft offset, the most golfers can appreciate.

The J2-MW has a True Temper shaft with a 200 gram weight inserted in the butt end of the shaft, called the Weight Management System (WMS). 200 grams may seem like a lot of weight, but when you compare it to the Matte Series which featured a 250 gram WMS, the J2 Mid-Weight is a good compromise in weight without sacrificing stability and control.

New for the Mid-Weight series is the custom Winn Mid-size grip with a V17 Super Soft compound that has a cord based material for a tacky, but firm feel. I was surprised that there is cord in the grip, since the grip felt so tacky and firm in my hands and not slippery or coarse.

What I noticed when I first picked up the J2-MW is the weight of the club, which isn’t as heavy as the Matte Series putter I reviewed. The lower weight in the WMS made the transition from my normal putter a lot easier and not as big of a leap, like with the Matte Series. The center of gravity on the J2 is actually higher than on a conventional putter, which reduces force on your wrists and you’ll use more of your core and shoulders in your stroke.

In terms of feel, you can tell very easily when you hit your putts on the sweet spot of the face of the J2 by the sound the ball produces off the face, which is a nice click sound. Off-center hits seem to produce a more muddled sound and feels more stiff at impact, which isn’t as responsive.

The MOI is good on the J2-MW since the head doesn’t twist as much like on a conventional putter, due to 400 gram head weight and WMS, that causes you to use more of your shoulders and core for control. I found that putts within the 4 foot range were very easy to sink consistently with the J2-MW, so you don’t have to worry about coming up short. Initially, I found the J2-MW didn’t perform as well as I anticipated on longer putts from outside of 10 feet, because it was more difficult to determine how big of stroke to make because of the WMS. Once, I was able to judge how big of stroke to make on the 10+ footers, I was no longer overshooting the hole.

Overall, the Heavy Putter J2-MW is a nice addition to the Heavy Putter line of putters and the reduced weight will make the transition easier for those switching from a conventional putter.

Heavy Putter Mid-Weight J2-MW $119.95

Author: Rob Hayashida

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