MANTYS Motorized Golf Cart for One

What do you get when you cross an electric golf cart and a Segway? You get the MANTYS, a four-wheeled motorized golf cart for one, where the rider stands, instead of sitting down. At the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show Outdoor Demo Day people were only allowed to drive the MANTYS on flat terrain, even though it can handle 20 degree hill climbs.

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Watch the video to see the MANTYS in action.

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Sun Mountain has teamed up with Leev Mobility to introduce the revolutionary Mantys; a dynamic, fun to ride, electric golf cart for one. Mantys is a four-wheeled, motorized cart upon which the rider stands rather than sits, and steers by shifting weight from one foot to the other. Mantys offers a unique riding experience while enabling the golfer to focus solely on his own ball. Mantys comes standard with turf-saver wheels, a universal bag mount, scorecard holder, ball & tee holder, and a drink holder and will be available in golf shops in 2010.

Mantys comes equipped with two 500 watt electric motors, powered by two 24 volt Lithium-ion batteries that will handle up to 36 holes on one charge. The cart folds and unfolds offering the most compact electric riding cart on the market. Unfolded the cart is 51″ high X 28″wide X 55 tall” and folds down to only 16″ tall. Weighing less than 45 lbs, Mantys is truly a portable, electric golf cart that can be transported from home to course in the trunk of most cars.

Adapted specifically to the demands of the golf course, Mantys can handle 20 degree climbs and leave no trace with turf-saver pneumatic tires. Other technical features include mechanic disk brakes and oil-clamped shock absorbers for a smooth ride. With a top speed of 12.5 mph, Mantys offers speeds similar to a traditional, motorized cart but offers the benefit of being able to take a more direct route to the ball and thus can speed up play.

Do you think the MANTYS will fall the same fate as the Segway? Only time will tell. I don’t see how this will catch on at  your local golf course, plus it seems like it would be huge liability for the golf courses. What do you think?

MSRP $3250,  available Spring 2010

For the retailer nearest you, call 800-227-9224 or visit

Author: Rob Hayashida

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