aboutGolf Introduces aGMobile and aG Studio Launch Monitors

aboutGolf is known for making the best golf simulators on the market today and now they are taking launch monitors to a whole new level with two new products: aG Studio indoor launch monitor and aG Mobile indoor/outdoor launch monitor.

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What is 3Trak?
Launch monitors have been around for a while, but aboutGolf has taken the same technology used in its PGA Tour Simulators called 3Trak and applied it to its new line of launch monitors designed for golf instruction, club fitting, and club sales.

3Trak launch monitors use three-dimensional, high-speed photography to provide unyielding dynamic performance. The most accurate data in the industry from the only technology to directly measure spin and spin axis. The 3Trak simulator tracking technology makes no assumptions or calculations…it simply measures ball performance — on EVERY plane. So how you hit the ball in the simulator is how you hit on the golf course.

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aG Mobile Launch Monitor
The aG Mobile is a lightweight portable unit that can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is great for golf lessons and club fittings. Utilizing the same 3Trak technology of the PGA Tour Simulators and Perform Software, your golf instructor now has access to multiple dashboard views, live ball flight and data manipulation options.

You’ll now have access to information like clubhead speed, ball speed, vertical and horizontal launch angles, spin, carry distance, total yards, and more. 3Trak doesn’t use a special golf ball to gather this data, the high-speed cameras get this data by photographing a white line sticker that’s affixed to the top of your golf club.

The early release model of the aG Mobile I saw, required you to hook up the launch monitor to a PC to run the software. In a future version, all you’ll need is a monitor, because the Perform Software will be running on the aG Mobile unit. Also the updated model of the aG Mobile unit will have a smaller footprint, than the one pictured. This will make it very easy for outdoor lessons and providing instant feedback.

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aG Studio Launch Monitor
The aG Studio is designed for fixed indoor installations and mounted above the golfer as an integrated part of a performance bay. If you watch the Golf Fix on the Golf Channel, you may have noticed aG Studio on the set.

aG Studio uses the same software and technology like aG Mobile and provides the same ball and club data too, but in an indoor setting only. Taking performance data and turning it into actionable feedback with reliable data, will make your golf lessons more insightful and effective.

I’m really impressed by how aboutGolf continues to evolve its product line and put reliable data in the hands of teachers, fitters, and golfers.

Visit aboutGolf.com for more information.

Author: Rob Hayashida

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