Bridgestone Golf 2010 Tour B330-RX and B330-RXS Golf Balls Review

Let’s face it, our egos usually get in the way when we select our golf equipment, and this is especially true when it comes to selecting golf balls. We all want to play the tour ball that our favorite pro is playing, but we lack the swing speed to really take advantage of the technology in the golf ball to see a major difference in our game.

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After conducting over 50,000 ball fittings and analyzing the data, Bridgestone Golf discovered that amateur golfers wanted a golf ball that provided tour-level performance around the greens and distance of the tee, but for moderate swing speeds (under 105 MPH)-the Bridgestone Tour B330-RX was introduced with overwhelming success. In 2010 Bridgestone Golf has introduced an improved version of the popular Tour B330-RX and launched the new Tour B330-RXS, creating the first Tour performance Series of golf balls for amateur swing speeds.

How do you improve the Tour B330-RX?

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The improved version of the B330-RX features a 7% softer core with a reformulated mantle that reduces excess spin, resulting in straighter, more precise shots. With its Very SOFT gradational compression core, the ball is even more easily compressed for longer distance and great feel.
The new core combined with B330-RX’s new Ionomer Inner Cover provides an increase in velocity and reduction in sidespin with the driver and long irons. As was the case with its award winning predecessor, the new B330-RX not only offers unparalleled distance performance, but the 330 Seamless Dimple-design urethane cover also ensures Tour caliber greenside spin and control, with a consistent trajectory players can count on.

Performance of the Tour B330-RX
The area where you’ll be able to notice a big difference in the 2010 version of the Tour B330-RX is in distance category and accuracy. The previous version of RX performed well in the distance category, but the new RX travels even farther than the old version. In my tests, I would hit five drives with the new and old version of the RX, measure the distance of each shot with a GPS and average out totals. Overall, the new RX resulted in a 3 yard gain in distance of my drives.

The other area where the Tour B330-RX excels in is reduction in sidespin with your driver and long irons. At the PGA Merchandise show two years ago, I was fitted for the e6+, because of the amount of sidespin I was imparting on the ball and the e6+ did a better job of reducing sidespin. When I got fitted again this year, I was fit into the new RX, because of the reduction in sidespin, a result of the new Ionomer Inner Cover. In playing conditions on the course, my drives and shots with the long irons, were more accurate and longer. If you suffer from excessive sidespin with your long irons or driver, the RX would be a ball worth getting fitted for.

Tour B330-RX Greenside Performance
For shots within 100 yards of the green, the new RX performed comparable to the previous version of the RX. You can’t spin the ball as much as Tour B330-S or Tour B330 golf balls, but you do get a fair amount of spin and control around the greens. Putting and chip shots are also great with new the B330-RX, thanks to the Very SOFT gradational compression core and 330 Seamless Dimple urethane cover. The previous version of the RX was slightly firmer, but with the new version I found that you get just the right amount of feel you need when hitting those delicate chip shots or putting from long and short distances.

Overall, the new 2010 Bridgestone Tour B330-RX is a nice improvement over the previous version, with reduced sidespin, improved feel, and distance.

Tour B330-RXS

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The one limiting characteristic of the Tour B330-RX, is you can’t spin the ball as much, like you can with the softer Tour B330-S or Tour B330. How do you solve this problem? Bridgestone solved this by creating the new 3-piece, urethane Tour B330-RXS golf ball for moderate swing speed players (less than 105 MPH), who want a slightly softer feel and more spin control.

Performance of the Tour B330-RXS
The RXS provides all the same great benefits that the new RX does in terms of accuracy and distance with your driver and long irons, but the biggest difference is in greenside performance.

The B330-RXS has a SOFT urethane cover that promotes higher spin on the ball for enhanced feel around the greens for those stop on a dime knock down wedge shots, that you’d normally only be able to get from the softer Tour B330S and B330. I found the soft cover of the RXS, was a huge improvement in the feel and spin department over the B330-RX. Any golfer with moderate swing speed who wants tour-performance feel and spin in and around the greens will want to opt for B330-RXS.

The softer feel and more spin are also helpful if you play irons or wedges that conform to the new USGA grooves rule. In my tests, I used irons that had conforming grooves and found the RXS performed very well at spinning the ball around the greens where you want that extra spin.

The new Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS are an excellent 3-piece golf ball for amateurs with slower swings speeds who want tour-performance spin and feel.

Whether you prefer a golf ball with a firmer feel and longer distance or a ball with softer feel and more spin, the new Bridgestone Tour RX Series of golf balls has moderate swing speed amateur golfers covered.

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX and B330-RXS $42.99 per dozen

Author: Rob Hayashida

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