Sligo Wear Spring 2010 Collection Review

The 2009 St. Jude Classic regining champion Brian Gay will defend his title at TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tennessee this weekend wearing the latest line of clothing from the hip Canadian golf apparel company, Sligo Wear. We previewed the Sligo Wear 2010 Spring Collection in January at the PGA Merchandise Show and were quite impressed by their offerings and couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new lineup.

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Sligo Windshirt Half Sleeve- Black $86

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Living in Chicago, you have to contend with blustery winds when playing golf and you don’t necessarily want to wear full sleeves, because they can constrict your range of motion. Sligo offers a windshirt with half sleeves, that is made from a very soft and quiet water repellent polyester lycra fabric. The half zip jacket is cut on the generous side to allow for layering and features Sligo Green mesh lining to help keep you cool and the fabric from sticking. The Sligo silk-screened logo inside the neck flap of the zipper, and side zippers on the hip for easy access are nice little details on the windshirt. The Sligo logo that runs across the shoulder blade area on the back of the windshirt, give it a nice dynamic look without being overly bold.

Performance wise the lightweight fabric on the windshirt does a nice job of blocking the wind and allowing the jacket to move with your body, thanks to the use of lycra. As an added bonus the polyester fabric is also water repellent and beads water nicely, keeping you dry during light rain showers.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and functional windshirt, that has a little flare, then check out the Sligo Windshirt Half Sleeve.

Sligo Digitile Golf Pants-Platinum $125

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My favorite piece from the Sligo Spring 2010 Collection has to be the Digitile print that is used in the Sligo Golf Pants and golf shirts. The Digitile print is inspired by Morrocan tile dating back to the 14th century. This art form flourished during the Hispano-Moresque era and is still prevalent in Spanish and Portuguese architecture today.

The Digitile golf pants in Platinum Digitile are made from a Poly/Lycra fabric that has a very subtle pattern, that almost looks kind of like snake skin at first glance. The hand of the fabric is similar to a polyester ripstop fabric, which make the pants very durable for play on the course. I was bit skeptical that the fabric would be very breathable or flexible, but I was surprised how well it stretched and kept me cool. I recommend you pair them with the Sligo Gator in white or solid color golf shirt.

The Sligo Platinum Digitile are a great pair of golf pants that are guaranteed to turn heads when wearing them on the course.

Sligo O’Brien Golf Shirt-Platinum $69

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We reviewed the Sligo O’Brien golf shirt last year, but the 2010 version is made from a new and improved technical polyester jersey fabric that is moisture wicking, has built-in UV protection, Anti-Microbial, and has 4 way mechanical stretch.

The pattern on the O’Brien has been updated in 2010, which only displays the diamond argyle print on the front and back. What I loved about the updated version of O’Brien is the new technical jersey fabric which is silky soft and feels great against your skin. The athletic cut of the O’Brien is the perfect silhouette for golfers who don’t want a baggy golf shirt, that their dad would wear. The sleeves are the perfect length, cut right at the bicep. No more having to bunch up your sleeves when addressing the golf ball and the fabric moves better with your body, thanks to the 4 way mechanical stretch fabric.

On hot days, the O’Brien does a nice job of wicking moisture and keeping you from smelling bad. I can’t really tell how well the fabric did in providing UV protection, but it gave me piece of mind that it was baked into the fabric.

The updated O’Brien golf shirt is worth another look.

Sligo Scriver Golf Shirt-Ice $69

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The Scriver golf shirt is made from the same new technical polyester jersey fabric like the O’Brien, and performs well in keeping you cool and dry. The shirt also features an athletic cut, with a four button placket, and a dynamic graphic on the chest. The graphic reminded me of the windshield of a commercial airliner with its sweeping lines. The graphic intersects the 4 button placket and continues to the other side that features the Sligo logo.

The Scriver is great looking shirt that will appeal to golfers looking for a dynamic print, that isn’t busy.

Sligo Gator Golf Shirt-White $75

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With a name like Gator, you’d probably think it’s short for Alligator? That’s not the case, its the name for the technical polyester pique shirt from Sligo which features a “L” stripe that runs along the left shoulder and armpit and runs across the shoulder blades on the back.Again, Sligo takes the ordinary golf shirt and adds a slight twist with this design.

The polyester pique fabric on the Gator doesn’t have as nice of a hand like the technical polyester jersey fabric in the O’Brien and Scriver golf shirts, but it does give the shirt a nice texture. The Gator has the same wicking , UV protection, anti-microbial, and 4 way stretch, like the other Sligo shirts we talked about above.

This is the most expensive of the golf shirts we tested from Sligo, but also one of the more interesting of the three patterns, with its fluid “L” stripe. If you want a golf shirt that feels more like a polo shirt, than check out the Sligo Gator.

Sligo Vibe Belt -Ice with Matte Nickel Finish Buckle $72

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Want to add a little flare to your golf outfit, than you need to get a belt that has a little style to dress up your look. The Sligo Vibe belt in Ice does just that. The Italian leather belt features a matte nickel buckle that isn’t your typical rectangle, but cut on a angle. The angle cut, features the Sligo logo and looks great on an off the golf course. You really can’t go wrong with this belt.

The 2010 Sligo Wear Spring Collection is probably Sligo’s best collection to date and look forward to trying out their Fall Collection.

Author: Rob Hayashida

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