Big Putt Practice Golf Ball Review

Putting training aids are a dime a dozen, with so many options available like putting gates, pendulum rods, alignment mirrors, etc. When I was approached to try out the Big Putt, I was intrigued, because it was extra large golf ball that’s intended to help make putting practice more fun and effective.

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According to Big Putt 40% of your golf shots are done on the putting green during a round of golf, yet we spend more time practicing our long game. Why? I’m not going to lie, but practicing putting is boring.

Look and Feel
The Big Putt is 35% larger than (1.95” vs. 1.68”) a regulation golf ball and has the same feel of your normal golf ball. The larger size of the ball is designed to help you learn to accelerate through impact and help you sink those 2ft -8ft putts that we all have a tendency to miss.

You’ll notice when hitting the Big Putt that if you mishit the ball slightly, it will provide you immediate feedback and go off line. If you don’t accelerate through, the ball will either come up short or go offline when using the Big Putt, which is very important if you want to lower your score and sink more putts.

I also found that using the Big Putt helped me with proper ball alignment and aiming my putt thanks to it’s larger diameter. You place the ball down and easily tell if you have it lined up correctly, which is really nice.

The other benefit of the large size, is it makes the cup look so much smaller and forces you to concentrate on your technique. And when you switch out to your normal golf ball, the hole looks even larger and gives you the confidence that you can’t miss the putt, which is an important part of putting.

Does Big Putt Work?
The fact that it’s just a slightly larger golf ball, makes it it easy to carry in your bag with the included carrying pouch, and take with you to the practice green-eliminating any excuses for not practicing your putting. What I found from using Big Putt over the last 3 weeks is that its made practicing putting more productive and something I want to do, rather than loathe.

I also found that my confidence level has increased when having to make those 2ft-8ft putts, and that I’m more focused on putting stroke as a result. I should point out that Big Putt, is a training aid and intended to help you putt better and be effective with your practice time. The Big Putt is not going to correct any setup or putting mechanic flaws, only a golf professional can help you with correcting those kind of problems.

The Big Putt is competitively priced at $19.99 which includes: 3 Big Putt golf balls, alignment line template, marker, and instructional DVD. I should note the DVD included is one of those mini-DVDs, half the size of a normal DVD, which I couldn’t use with my DVD player. Not a problem since you can view the instructional videos on the the Big Putt website.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Big Putt and think it’s a very practical putting training aid that can help improve your putting and give you the confidence you need in your short game.

The Big Putt $19.99

Author: Rob Hayashida

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