First Look: Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

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At the end of September, we told you about the Research and Development partnership between Automobili Lamborghini and Callaway Golf, which resulted in the development of Forged Composite material. We knew it wouldn’t be too long before a new golf club was introduced using this new material.

This past week, Lamborghini and Callaway Golf had a media event in Chicago, IL to introduce the new Diablo Octane driver, made from the Forged Composite material. was there to get you a first look at the soon to be released driver, and learn more about the Forged Composite material.

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About the Diablo Octane

The performance characteristics of Forged Composite, has allowed Callaway engineers to develop an advanced clubhead with a greater transfer of power at impact and more accurate trajectories versus its all-titanium counterparts.

Employing Forged Composite in the crown of the Diablo Octane Driver has allowed Callaway engineers to precisely set the clubhead’s Center of Gravity (CG) and Moment of Inertia (MOI) in order to promote accurate trajectories.  This lighter, more efficient clubhead is then paired with a longer shaft to increase head speed and power at impact for longer distances. Additionally, Diablo Octane Drivers include Callaway’s proprietary Hyperbolic Face Technology, which utilizes a chemical milling process to provide a larger sweet spot and improved impact efficiency.  Overall, Callaway’s Diablo Octane powers drives beyond those of its all-titanium predecessor by an average distance of eight yards.

Diablo Octane Tour

Diablo Octane Tour models feature a slightly smaller head size than standard models, a full hosel, and the more open look at address preferred by skilled players.  Diablo Octane Drivers come with a Project X™ Graphite Shaft that is 46 inches in the standard model and 45.5 inches in the Tour model.

UPDATE: Ernie Els Wins PGA Grand Slam of Golf with Diablo Octane Tour Driver

Callaway Staff Pro Ernie Els used the soon-to-be-released Diablo Octane Tour Driver to win the PGA Grand Slam of Golf on Wednesday by one shot. Els put the Diablo Octane Tour Driver in his bag for the first time after Callaway tour reps built him a several versions of it a week earlier. According to Els, “(The driver) performed great. I loved how the ball was holding its line in the wind. The bag of clubs I have right now are perfect! I’m looking forward to winning more tournaments with them.”

Available November 12, 2010

Diablo Octane and Diablo Octane Tour Drivers $299.

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7 Responses
  1. Tim

    I demoed this driver yesterday and it is a load! The club looks good but it’s very heavy like the ’07 burner and even the regular shaft is very stiff–more so than than the voodoo shaft on my Titleist D2 driver. I hit this club in a simulator at Golf Galaxy and I didn’t see any improvement in my distance, in fact I lost distance. All in all, in my opinion this diver is hard to hit well and is little more than hype.

    Nov.14.2010 at 4:59 pm
  2. James

    I tested the Tour Black, the new RAZAR Tour and the FT Tour all with S flex 9.5. my SS is 104 to 108. they are all great drivers but the Octane Black tour with projet x S 6.0 is fantastic. it was slightly longer than the other two both on Flightscope and the range measured with laser scope. the big diff is that the ball flight and shot consistance was far better with the Octane Tour. all three clubs are for better players. My wife tested the standard Octane and the RAZAR with Light flex SS 80 to 86 and not only gained about 15 yards but also eliminated her fade. she plays of a 8 handicap. se also selected the Octane with Project X 4.0 ladies flex as this shaft is almost as stiff as the RIP light regular flex. in my view the best driver available on the market and I am not a Callaway nut. this is an objective view as I have tested the Ping I and G 15, new Titleist 910, TM (dont always know what is the latest), Adams, Mizuno and Cleveland. Never tried Nike, so cant say. for people who say the FT Tour and New RAZAR is an uograde FT 3, maybe the looks but the technology is very different. Well the FT 3 cant be that bad as it won the 2010 US Open. Shows that old Callaway technology is as good as others new technology. Just joking. To Tim, dont shoot down a driver if it is the wrong club for your game. Try the standard Octane or RAZAR you will be impressed.

    Nov.16.2010 at 8:55 am
  3. Paul

    bought a Callaway octane black, 9 degree and have to say really dissapointed – after 2 rounds the crown is chipping away significantly – I actually think its a design fault as I dont tee up high but the join between the two materials on face & crown is not level – checked out others in the shop and all the same, and as first reader said its quite a heavy feel to the club. I’ve returned it to the shop and waiting feedback now!

    Nov.28.2010 at 1:21 am
  4. rashad

    hi Paul

    i am going to buy a tour one tested it and it was great what handicap are you the fact that you chip the driver means you are possibly a high handicap golfer because i never had that with any driver let alone a callaway?
    has any one tried the tour to confirm its great?

    Dec.25.2010 at 4:01 pm
  5. Moira

    Hi Paul

    I have just bought a Callaway Driver that is showing same signs of chipping….. did you get any answers back from the shop ??

    Jan.24.2011 at 2:10 am
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