Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50 Sunscreen Review

Kiehl's Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector

Kiehl's Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector

When I play golf, I usually put sunscreen on my neck, arms, and legs, but never my face. Why? Quite honestly, every sunscreen I’ve applied on my face, always has a tendency to run off into my eyes, and stings so bad-like lemon juice on an open cut. Needless to say, I haven’t found a face specific sunscreen that is both water and sweat resistant, and provides all day long protection from the sun, until now.

Earlier this year, Kiehl’s introduced a new line of active body care for men called Cross-Terrain, which features the Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50 sunscreen, designed for the harshest conditions. Playing golf can be harsh on your skin, with the sun and the wind, and according to the sticker on the Kiehl’s packaging, “The Cross-Terrain sunscreen provides optimum UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection against sunburn in even the most extreme weather conditions.” I figured, What do I have to lose?

Kiehl's Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector-Texture

Kiehl's Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector-Texture

Look and Feel
The UV Face Protector comes packaged in a compact 1.4 fl. oz. round jar, slightly larger than a hockey puck, which can fit easily in your golf bag. When you open up the jar of the Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector, you’ll notice that the sunscreen looks more like petroleum jelly or wax, and it’s unscented.

Applying it to your face, a little goes a long way. The UV Face Protector, has a thick texture to it, similar to a petroleum jelly, because it uses a synthetic beeswax made from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub for deep moisturizing. Once applied, the sunscreen gets easily absorbed into your skin, thanks to the use of Squalane (a refined moisturizing oil derived from olives) which is used in other Kiehl’s products, and feels great against your skin. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical about how well this would hold up on my face on a hot day.

The Sweat Test
To put the Face Protector to the ultimate test, I decided not to wear a hat during my round. On an nice 80 degree and sunny day I headed out to the golf course to walk 18 holes, but with the Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector applied to face.

After about four holes, I started perspiring, and I was getting a little anticipatory dread of having the sunscreen melt off my face and run into my eyes, and to my surprise nothing happened. By the time I made the turn, I was sweating, and again none of the sunscreen had run off. And when I finished my round, you guessed it, nothing happened. I was really impressed with the Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector, not only did it prevent me from getting sunburn, it didn’t wash off with my sweat into my eyes or leave my face feeling greasy. And even after I wiped my face with a towel, I knew my face was still being protected from the sun. To remove the Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector, use soap and water to wash it off your face.

I have to say, I’m really impressed by the quality of the UV Face Protector and how long it lasts once applied. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting the sunscreen in your eyes.

I know some people might think that $25 is a lot of money to pay for sunscreen, but if you play a lot of golf, or any sport outdoors, it’s worth every penny. It’s a lot cheaper than having to go to the Dermatologist.

Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50 $25

Author: Rob Hayashida

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