Miura Golf Passing Point 9003 Forged Irons Video

The video briefly presents the Miura Golf Passing Point 9003’s key benefits and attractive features. It was written, produced and hosted by Barr, who drew on his 12-plus years of experience at the Golf Channel to bring the feature together.

“I know it’s not typical for company executives to get into the video production details,” Barr admitted. “But then, Miura is not a typical company, which is something we’re proud of. Our founder, Mr. Miura, is down at the grinding wheel in the factory every day, applying his art and experience to the forged clubs he is so proud of. And he is handing down that knowledge to his sons and their employees in our factory in Himeji, Japan.

“So Miura is really all about getting it done for the golfer who appreciates the best — no matter what it might say on our individual business cards.”


Author: Rob Hayashida

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