First Look: SkyPro Swing Analyzer

The powerful SkyPro is about the size of a flash drive, weighs less than one ounce and attaches easily to the shaft of any golf club just below the grip making it virtually undetectable. Without needing even an on-off switch, thousands of critical data points about a golfer’s swing path, club head speed, swing plane, club face rotation, shaft angles and much more are instantly sent via Bluetooth to a FREE app on their smartphone to view their swing from address back to impact from any angle in true 3D high-definition.

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But the real game changer in SkyPro is its unique Groove and Practice Sessions that provide instant feedback on successful swings, identify common faults immediately and offer fun challenge sessions to correct the flaws. Golfers will quickly correct their faults and start hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently than ever before.

SkyPro’s Features

SkyPro’s powerful 3D inertial motion sensors capture up to a hundred thousand data points from address to impact. Playbacks of captured swings are displayed in vivid high-definition on a golfer’s smartphone. SkyPro features an ultra-high-speed capture rate of up to 3,200 samples per second, providing much more accurate swing data than typical video cameras capturing at 24-60 frames per second. Without pushing buttons or forcing a change in your pre-shot routine, SkyPro captures automatically such information as: club head speed, swing path, club rotation, face angle, swing plane, shaft lean, tempo and much more.

In addition to swing playback in the traditional face-on, down-the-line and top views, the free smartphone app provides a wide range of intuitive ways to see, groove and improve a golfer’s swing to include:
[list style=”square”][list_item]True 3D allows views from any angle[/list_item][list_item]Zoom and rotate for close-up analysis[/list_item][list_item]Real time playback, half-speed, quarter-speed and pause[/list_item][list_item]Store thousands of swings on a smartphone and cloud[/list_item][list_item]Tag favorite swings by club for comparison and drills[/list_item][list_item]Synchronize and compare two swings[/list_item][list_item]Auto-detects right and left-handed golfers[/list_item][/list]

SkyPro’s Tips and Drills for Smart Practice

SkyPro makes practice fun and rewarding by building a repeatable golf swing with tips and drills from top golf instructors. Based upon the swing a golfer prefers or the one their personal instructor recommends, SkyPro offers multiple swing checkpoints and uses built-in alerts to help identify common swing faults at each checkpoint for club rotation, shaft angle and swing plane. Challenging Groove Sessions help correct these faults. Custom selectable goals and challenges measure progress making practice both fun and rewarding. Golfers can work on swing tempo, shaft lean and shaft angles at address and impact, backswing length, club head speed, swing path, face rotation and much more. Plus thousands of swings can be stored on a smartphone or in a cloud for more detailed analysis.

One of the greatest advantages of SkyPro is that it’s easy to work on a swing anywhere, anytime. Golfers can use any club to groove their swing at home, on the range or on the course all year long, rain or shine. SkyPro is also interactive, allowing golfers to share instantly with friends on Facebook, Twitter or their instructor.

What Makes SkyPro Different

SkyPro is set apart by its accurate and hassle-free golf technology. The key hardware, calibration and power management features include:

[list style=”square”][list_item]Smart Calibration, with auto club detection, offers precise loft and lie measurements to eliminate troublesome and inaccurate manual alignments.[/list_item][list_item]Anti-Rotational Stability (ARS) ensures that SkyPro stays calibrated and aligned throughout a practice session.[/list_item][list_item]Intelligent Power Management provides up to eight hours of continuous use on a single charge. No on-off switch is needed.[/list_item][list_item]Smart Charging Case protects SkyPro and makes sure it’s ready for the next practice session.[/list_item][list_item]Ruggedized and designed both indoor and outdoor use in any weather.[/list_item][/list]

The SkyPro is available for pre-order  fro $199.95 and will ship in Spring 2013.

Author: Rob Hayashida

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