Adams Golf Super S Hybrid Review

Long irons can be difficult to hit and especially when you’re trying to hit out of the rough or on those long par 3s. Thankfully golfers have the option of playing a hybrid or rescue club instead and we decided to put Adams SUPER S Hybrid to the test to see if it lives up to the hype as one of the  longest stainless steel hybrids on the market.

Look and Feel of the Adams SUPER S Hybrid

The first thing you notice when you look at the Adams SUPER S Hybrid is its matte white crown, which makes the clubhead look larger than it really is. At address you can easily tell how the clubhead is aligned, thanks to the contrasting  PVD face, which is great. The other thing you’ll notice is the redesigned crown slot, which is thinner,  deeper, and longer than previous versions. The Crown Slot is designed to produce higher launch angle shots without increasing spin for longer carry distance, more on this later. When you flip over the SUPER S Hybrid, the sole also got a makeover, featuring Cut-Thru Slot Technology, which is intended to increase ball speed and making the Characteristic of Time (CT) up to 230; in other words it has a hot face. What I liked about the Adams SUPER S Hybrid are its compact shape and understated SUPER S logo on the crown which isn’t distracting. My only complaint about the white crown is that it gets very dirty easily and if your golf course you play uses any type of chemicals to treat the turf, it will stain the white crown. I knew a white crown would get dirty, but I didn’t think the crown would stain. The Matrix Kujoh 75 68g graphite shaft was the perfect compliment to the SUPER S, making it very easy to swing the club.

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Performance of the Adams SUPER S Hybrid

The big selling points of the SUPER S is that its easy to hit and the longest stainless steel hybrid made by Adams Golf, and we are happy to report it won’t disappoint. When you first swing the SUPER S Hybrid you’ll notice the clubhead has a nice amount of weight to it, which is great when you’re hitting out of the rough.  The weight in the clubhead, also allows you to make a more of controlled swing, resulting in better contact. I also liked the pleasant sound the stainless steel clubhead makes with it hits the ball, which isn’t distracting like you might expect from a steel head. The claims of a higher launch without increased spin are accurate, based on six rounds I used the SUPER S Hybrid, the ball launches very high and flies of the face thanks to the refined Crown Slot we talke about earlier. I found that my shots from all types of conditions: fairway, rough, and bunkers would launch on a medium-high trajectory and land softly with a little added carry.  The Adams SUPER S Hybrid is now my go to golf club on long par 3’s, and approach shots on long par 4’s and 5’s.

The reason for the ball explodes off the face of the Adams SUPER S Hybrid has a lot to do with the Cut-Thru Slot Technology that increases the ball speed. We mentioned briefly that the SUPER S has a CT of up to 230, but what does that mean? Characteristic of Time is how the USGA measures how long the clubhead is in contact with the golf ball. The maximum CT allowed by the USGA is 257 micro-seconds and SUPER S is rated at 230,  not far from the maximum limit.

Overall, the Adams SUPER S Hybrid is great replacement long-iron that every golfer should consider putting one in their bag and at $129, you can’t beat the price.

Model Tested: SUPER S (4 Hybrid, Loft 22 , Lie 57.5, Length 39.25″)

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Author: Rob Hayashida

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