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Hands-On: Bridgestone Golf True Balance Putter

January 21, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Bridgestone Golf has long been known for making a great golf ball, irons, and metal woods, but this year they have decided to enter the putter market with its new line of True Balance putters. The Bridgestone True Balance putter is quite unique, because they were able to move the balance point of the putter to less than five inches from the sole. By moving the balance point closer to the sole, you create what Bridgestone is calling “counter-counterbalanced” design, where the golfer can replicate a true pendulum stroke, because of the new design.

What’s really cool about the Bridgestone Golf True Balance putter, is how it can stand on its own with no assistance. That’s how you know its balanced, because you can’t do that with any other type of putter. But what really stood out for me is the use of 100% EVA foam grip that is slightly oversized. By going slightly unconventional in grip selection, Bridgestone engineers saved weight in the overall putter, but also provides the golfer with comfort and traction.

Bridgestone True Balance Putter Features

  • Stainless Steel Head Construction
  • Dual layer Grooved insert provides the perfect combination of feel and roll performance
  • Lightweight 100% EVA Foam grip
  • Specially Engineered Lightweight graphite shaft for feel and feedback

Available in three models: TD-01 (mid-mallet), TD-02 (mid-mallet in steel only), and TD-03 (blade).


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